Do This Before Sleep- Little Known Bedtime Hacks To Lose Weight

what to do before bed to lose weight

What to do before bed to lose weight?

Can a small change in your schedule can affect your weight loss?

Well, people have been stuck on the idea for a long time that eating anything right before going to bed would make you gain weight.

Well, this statement has come out to be partially true which indicates that eating a whole lot of food before bed can actually make you gain weight.

On the other hand, researchers have found that eating specific food in a particular proportion can let you have psychological benefits. 

In fact, having a soothing beverage before bedtime not only contributes to weight loss but can improve the quality of your sleep as well.

Weight loss can sometimes be tough. 

However, there are some specific exercises to do before bed to lose weight.

For instance, you can try doing a number of squats followed by planks before you go to sleep.

Here is the list of tricks and tips to counter the effects of weight gain in your body.

Strategies To Lose Weight Before Going to Bed

There are some specific tips and techniques that might help you in getting a healthier body.

And if you’re living a busy life, knowing what to do before bed to lose weight can major turning point in your weight loss journey. 

For instance, there are some foods to avoid at night for weight loss! On the other hand, there are some that you must eat in order to lose weight.

So basically, you just need to have the right knowledge and info about what actually works!

Moreover, all you need to do is put all your efforts into it and remain consistent.

Let’s have a look at some of the major tips that you must try.

#1. Get Enough Sleep

A night of quality sleep can positively affect the well-being of the person.

The best way to utilize your sleep, in order to lose weight is to get enough of it.

Moreover, quality sleep is a necessity for the proper functioning of the nervous system as well as the immune system.

Many of the experts have even revealed that a consistent sleep schedule can aid weight loss as well. 

#2. Take Care of your Mealtime

You must keep the meal consistent and at regular intervals of time.

Mealtimes can prominently affect our sleep-wake cycle that is circadian rhythm.

Hence, scheduling our meals is quite an important task which must not be overlooked.

#3. Eat Protein Throughout the Day

Filling the body with protein every now and then can help your body maintain the blood sugar level. 

And, as a result, it improves the resting metabolic rate of the body.

It can even help you in making you feel more energetic than usual.

Protein is primarily responsible for muscle-building and might control your urge to rely on processed foods as well.

So, this was all about some tricks to follow before going to bed for a healthy weight loss.

These minor changes, if done habitually, can have a significant impact on your weight loss journey. 

FYI, while most of the people look for what to eat at night to lose belly fat, there are a number of drinks that burn fat while sleeping as well. Let’s have a look at it.

What To Drink Before Bed To Lose Weight?

bedtime drink to lose belly fat in a week

Having a specific bedtime drink can increase the probability of witnessing weight loss results.

However, the weight loss results might differ among individuals depending upon the type of drink you are involving in your routine. 

Here is the list of drinks that burn fat while sleeping and can promote overall weight loss.

#1. Greek Yogurt Protein Shake

As we have already mentioned, protein can help you in rebuilding the muscle tissue while you are asleep.

The more you gain the muscles, the more your body is likely to burn the calories.

#2. Red Wine

You might get amazed to know that red wine has the ability to turn the excessive fat from the body into energy-burning beige fat.

Resveratrol is the name of the compound present in grapes that induces a heating effect in the body which eventually burns the fat at a faster pace. 

#3. Drink Water

The one issue with any drink is that they contain a little number of calories.

However, water is free of calories and is much effective.

Drinking more water is linked to various health advantages.

It can ensure you a restorative sleep while ignoring daytime sleepiness.

So, when you are staying healthy, you are more likely to gain healthy weight as well.

So, now that you know what to do before bed to lose weight, get ready to fit into your favorite jeans soon.


Different people have different weight loss regimens that they follow.

Nevertheless, these specific strategies can be helpful for everyone who is struggling to lose weight.

They might not provide instant results.

However, they surely can ease your efforts and pave your way towards effective weight loss.

By Mike Harris

Mike Harris is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and owner of the Sweat Guy. He is also award-winning health, wellness, and nutrition writer based in the USA. Armed with many training certifications and an exercise science teaching degree, Mike has been working for over 6 years now, helping others achieve optimum health.

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