Causes And Long Term Effects Of Emotional Abuse On Brain

effects of emotional abuse

We often tend to underestimate the effects of emotional abuse which could be as serious as the former one.

When we think of abuse, something that instantly strikes our mind is physical abuse.

Moreover, sometimes physical and emotional abuse happens together.

Neglecting emotional abuse can result in permanent changes in the development of the brain.

These changes might have enough potential causes of psychological and emotional issues in adulthood, such as mental disorders and substance misuse.

If you are supposing whether it’s happening with you too, here are some of the signs that can give you an alert:

  • Yelling
  • Irregular wrath
  • Naming calling again and again

Emotional abuse can have many long-term and short-term effects.

It is a serious form of abuse that may come before, during or after any kind of physical abuse.

Keep reading for more information on the various forms of emotional abuse, its effects and how you can heal them.

Possible Causes Of Emotional Abuse

From dealing with a childhood trauma to watching your parents fight, the causes of emotional abuse has no limits. It could be:

  • sexual abuse
  • Bullying
  • Unhappy Parents
  • Body Shaming
  • Accident

Emotional abuse can have a number of potential sources.

These sources may include:

  • Parents
  • Couples
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Colleagues

Due to emotional abuse, almost everyone faces the issues and might have some adverse effects on them.

Next section will help you to know how emotional abuse could be a barrier in your life.

Effects Of Emotional Abuse On Adults

Effects of emotional abuse may be harder to spot. However, it’s as severe as physical abuse.

Moreover, whether major or minor we all have encountered some level of emotional abuse in our life.They have adverse effects too.

Just like physical abuse, emotional abuse can lead to improper function of the brain.

Emotional abuse plays with the mind of the victim.

He/she tends to feel guilty about something they haven’t done, also trauma of occurrence of something they didn’t expect to happen with them creates a shock-like situation in their brain.

But minimizing adult emotional abuse won’t help and it won’t cover up the devastating effects.

Effects of emotional abuse on adults can be short-term or long-term, but it definitely change the behavior and the way they  look towards life.

Lingering Effects Of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse are not given much consideration because it doesn’t show any mistreatment as a physical equivalency.

But the fact is, the person who is the victim or who is going through that situation, only he/she can understand the lingering effects of emotional abuse.

It takes a heavy toll on your heart and mind.

Mentioned below are some signs that suggest you might still be suffering from the lingering effects of emotional abuse.

#1. Seeking Approval

This sign of emotional abuse can be really sneaky as it manifests in ways that are socially acceptable: pleasing people, accomplishing a lot, being nice to everyone, and focusing on your appearance a lot.

#2. Judging And Analyzing

This is happens when you tell one thing and think of something else.

It’s a personal shift that happens slowly. You hear nice words coming out of your mind, but you find the thoughts are entirely different.

This surely becomes difficult to trust anyone. As you judge and analyze as per your own thoughts.

Long Term Effects Of Emotional Abuse From Parents

People of all ages face emotional abuse, including children. Parents or close family friends are more likely to abuse a child or teenager knowingly or unknowingly.

Some signs of long-term effects of emotional abuse from parents on children are:

  • Yelling, bullying and threatening a child
  • Shaming or humiliating a child
  • The silent treatment as punishment
  • Calling them with nicknames or child names
  • Limiting the signs of affection

These are the signs of abuse from the parents and now it becomes necessary to take care of these emotional changes in the children.

The changes made by these emotional abuses may affect the children’s minds and hearts badly. 

Hence, It’s important to keep a children’s minds happy and healthy for their proper growth.

When you observe abused brain vs healthy brain, you find the healthy brain response is very energetic while abused brain always gets very confused or aggressive.


Emotional abuse can be severe to anyone no matter their age. Adulthood, childhood, or partners or co-workers may suffer from emotional abuse.

Sometimes they cannot address the signs of emotional abuse and tend to neglect it.

However, there are treatments available that can help you to out from the adverse effects of it.

Emotional abuse and brain structural damage can be reduced if you recognize and deal with the situation well.

At first, try to overcome the situation by recognizing and avoiding such anxiety, fear, or wrath.

However, you may consult a professional counselor if you’re depressed over a long time or have frequent nightmares or flashbacks.

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By Marcus Elburn

Marcus Elburn has been a healthcare professional for over a decade. With an educational background in Therapeutics, Drug Development, and Human Toxicology, his research interests include integrative medicine, cardiovascular fitness, and metabolic health and its relation to weight loss. He is very much into fitness and enjoys cycling and running. When not working, he takes time out to write journals or binge-watch classic shows.

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