How Does Power Yoga Empower Your Body and Mind?

Power-Yoga for weight loss

Fitness is not a goal but a lifestyle. Once you achieve it, the journey doesn’t end but goes on.

Experts have been experimenting with fitness training and exercise modules for a long.

Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba, HIIT, and whatnot. Different modules are available for different motives. You can choose according to your need and capability.

Yoga is an ancient form of mild physical engagement that aims at creating a balance between mind and body.

But what is Power Yoga? What powers does it add up to the basic Yoga format?

Power Yoga is an amalgamation of yoga poses put into a sequence to form rigorous physical training.

The motive of this format is to make you physically stronger and well-shaped while boosting your mental health.

Here in this article, we are to introduce to you Power Yoga and deal with every aspect of it. You will get a better insight into whether you can use power yoga to reduce weight in one month? Buckle up.


What is Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is inspired by Ashtanga Yoga n which Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation yoga and some other poses are followed rapidly.

The focus is on giving the impact of both Yoga and High-Intensity workouts.

In fact, Power Yoga is a hybrid, a middle path between gentle Yoga postures and rigorous exercises. The shifts from one pose to the other are quick which makes you sweat and gasp.

This sweating and gasping have a very powerful impact on your health. You tend to lose weight and your cardiovascular health is improved.

Power Yoga has all the benefits to give to your mind- stress release, focus improvement, positive thoughts, and much more.

Keeping weight loss in particular, one may ask how to perform power yoga for weight loss and belly fat?

We must look into the matter and also deal with some other advantages this Yoga Mode can give us.


Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Power Yoga is a more physically activating practice. It can be considered as the Yoga derivative of Aerobics.

The goal of Aerobics is to reduce weight in the areas where fat is in the most stubborn form. Belly, thighs, and hips accumulate the maximum amount of fat.

Power Yoga for weight loss is crucial as it enables you to burn calories as well. As a result, bodyweight gets reduced substantially.

It is a cardio exercise that helps the heart pump up more blood to your body and brain. Your basic metabolism is improved which further promotes weight loss.


Does Power Yoga for Reducing Belly Fat Work?

You will be able to reduce belly fat in particular with Power Yoga. It makes all the body parts participate actively and the postures are shifted with a speed.

This exercise increases body temperature and aids in fat burning. Belly and thigh fat are burned as you sweat heavily.

A session that includes 30 minute Power Yoga for weight loss can show amazing results. This session includes Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar followed by forward bends, backward bends, standing and seated poses, and inversions.

It can also include planks and arm movements as well. All these postures collectively comprise the Ashtang Yoga from which Power Yoga has been derived.

What is the truth behind the claims of the power of this Power Yoga to lose weight in 7 days or 1 month? Let’s find out…


How Quick Are the Results of Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a rigorous workout and can show results within a short period of time if followed strictly. Power Yoga Workouts are designed for the purpose of physical and mental fitness.

They use your muscles and bones, burn fat and calories, and work for the cardiovascular system. All these consequently lead to weight loss.

However, if your goal is to perform Power Yoga to reduce weight in one month, it depends upon your dedication.

A healthy and restricted diet is also crucial. Now let’s take a look at some other health benefits of Power Yoga.

Power Yoga Benefits

Power Yoga works for your overall health from Head to Toe. To point out, these benefits are:-

  • Weight loss
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Purification of blood
  • Activated bone joints
  • Muscle power
  • Enhancement of strength
  • Smooth metabolism
  • Stress reduction
  • Focus improvement

So we see how Power Yoga is the power in our hands to improve our health in the long run as well.



Power Yoga has been designed to benefit our health on all fronts.

From losing weight to releasing stress and from activating the heart to improving metabolism, Power Yoga assists in developing a healthy lifestyle.

To add more, it gives relief from joint pain and increases muscle strength.

Power Yoga can be the best workout module in the coming years as it is able to provide us with both physical fitness and mental balance. And that too, without any expenses of equipment and supplements.

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