effects of estrogen on male body

Effects of Estrogen on Male Body – 5 Positive Impacts

Are there any positive effects of estrogen on male body? Let’s figure this out…

Although estrogen is a female hormone, it somehow plays a significant role in the male body. Just like men’s primary hormone Testosterone present in women, estrogen also exists inside men’s bodies. 

The study says that estrogen production occurs in the testes, fat cells, and adrenal glands, similar to testosterone. Also, estrogen receptors and aromatase are abundant in the penis, brain, and testes in a man’s body. 

Well, there are mainly two types of estrogen in men that play a vital role in their overall well-being. These two are estrone and estradiol.

According to a study, healthy levels of these hormones promote sexual functions and overall health and well-being.

Let’s head ahead to discuss the role of estrogen in men and what are the negative and positive effects of estrogen on male body.


Role of Estrogen in Male Body 

As said, estrogen is key to the development of sexual functions and characteristics in women during their puberty. The hormone is responsible for menstruation and the reproductive cycle too. Just like women, it is also quite essential for the opposite gender males too.  

Since we’ve earlier mentioned two essential types of estrogen available in men, estradiol is especially crucial to male sexuality.

Although we all know that testosterone is the most significant hormone to male sexual development and function. But estrogen helps them to stay in balance with testosterone. 

They altogether help you to control your sex drive, production of sperm, and the ability to have an erection. Some of the positive effects of estrogen on male body include:


#1: Controlled Sex Drive

As NCBI claimed that estradiol also plays a critical role in male sexual function.

Estradiol in men is essential for regulating libido, spermatogenesis, and erectile function. Also, it influences sexual function by impacting the brain to regulate overall function. 

However, less interest or reduced desire for sex can be one of the symptoms of low estrogen in males.


#2: Boosts Fertility

Estradiol is the predominant form of estrogen used by the male body for boosting the production of sperm naturally. A study says that testosterone can be converted into estradiol using the enzyme aromatase.

Essentially, the hormone promotes fertility in males naturally.


#3: Role of Estrogen in Spermatogenesis

As per a study, estrogen is found at detectable levels at multiple points of development in sexual function as well as it contributes to spermatogenesis.

Also, estradiol has been shown to exist in the reproductive tract of the adult male and the brain as well. 

However, the presence of ERs in germ cells and their precursors provide compelling evidence that estrogen has a great influence over spermatogenesis.


#4: Role of Estradiol in the Brain

According to a study, the effect of estrogen on male body is also related to the brain. The study claims that the area of the brain that controls control sexual behavior in men is only able to do so by pheromones.

It induces changes in mood and sexual arousal and produces increased activity in the medial preoptic area/anterior hypothalamus.

Also, estradiol modulates the sexual behavior in male, and organize the early brain to program sexual behavior.


#5: Estradiol Effect at Low Testosterone Levels

Although the hormone plays a great role in regulating sex drive and overall bodily function. But if the hormone level rises more than normal, it may lead to complications in sexual functions. According to a study, high estradiol levels in males may lead to low testosterone levels. 

Now, what are the ways to control High Estrogen in Men, and how can you manage a balanced estrogen level? Let’s check out the potent ways which will help you in maintaining good levels of estrogen in males. 


Ways to Boosts Estrogen Naturally

In order to boost the estrogen level naturally in men, there are plenty of ways that you can consider. A few of them include:

  • Opt for a healthy diet plan that regulates testosterone production too.
  • As said, both testosterone and estrogen function mutually, henceforth consuming ginseng for boosting testosterone naturally will be beneficial too.
  • Try to maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), a study claims that a healthy BMI is related to a balanced estrogen level. You can maintain it by keeping yourself healthy and active. 
  • Keep yourself stress-free to let your body function properly. As said estrogen is somehow related to the brain and serotonin, hence stress may affect estrogen levels. 
  • Some proven studies claim that cruciferous veggies play a significant role in maintaining the estrogen level in males. Therefore you can add them to your diet too.

Here we’ve shared almost all the positive effects of estrogen on male body. Hope you’ve found this blog informative. Now, it’s time to conclude the discussion with the final verdict. Do check out the last section of the blog to recall what you’ve left. 


Final Verdict

Estrogen surely is the primary hormone of females, but yes it does have some positive impacts on the male body too. 

However, a balance of both the hormones testosterone and estrogen is vital to let their body function properly.

In order to examine the level of estrogen in yourself, do consult your healthcare professional.

If you find any issues try the tips and tricks mentioned above to maintain hormonal balance. Also, do let us know if the blog helped you in getting the required information or not.

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