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10 Negative / Side Effects of Energy Drinks and Mixers That You Must Know

Do you also feel the urge to get instant energy by consuming tons of so-called energy drinks? 

Have you ever tried an energy drink based on the promises it makes in its commercial? 

If yes, then this article is for you! 

Energy drinks have always been controversial. Either for their crazy ingredients like bull sperm or for being too bad for the body. 

But that’s not it, some even find energy drinks beneficial. 

Quite confusing right. 

So without delaying further, let’s find out which of the following is true about energy drinks and mixers.

For those who need an additional push, downing a delectable beverage that claims to promote mental clarity, vitality, and muscular strength sounds pretty wonderful. 

But while consuming caffeine can give folks a bit more vigor, it can also have some fairly unwanted side effects. 

The industry showcases or commercializes these drinks as an instant source of energy. People affected by this pompous world, feel the urge to try them and then get addicted. 

What is in these energy drinks? 

Energy drinks are a type of drink that are packed with stimulants proven to support energy levels and mental focus and are made with substances like taurine, ginseng, and sugar.

As a result, these beverages are classified as dietary supplements and receive little regulatory attention. 

Energy drinks can be called “powerhouses” of caffeine. Most of the energy drinks contain high amounts of substances that are very harmful to the healthy growth and development of the body. 

Regular consumption of energy drinks can have negative side effects that you can easily avoid by choosing healthier alternatives. 

Want to know more about the side effects of consuming energy drinks? Read this article further. 


10 Negative Effects of Energy Drinks

The so-called energy drinks contain various harmful ingredients that may affect the overall functioning of the body. 

It disturbs biological functioning by manipulating natural phenomena. Various side effects that energy drinks pose are listed below. 

#1. The Harmful Impact on the Heart

If you consume energy drinks on a regular basis or take caffeine-rich beverages, you may be prone to various heart problems, such as irregular heartbeats. 

The consumption of such drinks affects the rate at which the heart pumps blood. 

You may notice a slight increase in the rate of your heartbeat, also resulting in increased blood pressure. 


#2. Addiction to Caffeine

Consumption of stimulants in large amounts can cause an overdose. 

The intoxication caused by caffeine may be associated with issues such as impaired cognitive skills, an increase in risk-taking behaviors, and the urge to engage in illegal activities. 

It may also reflect various health symptoms such as nausea, seizures, an increased heartbeat, etc. 


#3. Insomnia 

People who consume energy drinks very often may have trouble going to sleep. 

Due to lack of sleep, they may also feel tired and feel like there is no energy left. 

This may give them the urge to consume another energy drink. Beware of this vicious cycle! 


#4. Increase Body Weight

If you think that zero-calorie energy drinks do not affect your health, you may have the wrong perception. 

They still contain high sugar levels that will make you prone to obesity. 

These energy drinks, after all, may not be ideal for weight management goals. 


#5. Affects Glucose Level in the Bloodstream 

The regular consumption of energy drinks may cause an increase in the level of glucose in the bloodstream. 

The presence of caffeine, along with other harmful ingredients, influences the levels of sugar and glucose, affecting the overall functioning of the body.

If you are a patient with diabetes, you may prefer to keep your distance from these drinks. 


#6. Weakening of Teeth

The presence of high levels of sugar in these drinks causes your dental health to suffer. 

The regular consumption of energy drinks could contribute to dental erosion and the development of obesity. 

You may find it surprising that the consumption of energy drinks can affect oral health too. 

Excessive drinking of energy drinks creates a situation where you may no longer be able to eat! 


#7. May Cause Impotence 

Often the reproductive health of women are questioned when it comes to reproducing babies. 

But people often forget that men are equally responsible for the fertilization of the eggs.

If you are trying to have babies, better stop consuming too much energy drinks. It may cause infertility among men. 


#8. Impaired Cognitive Behavior 

The harmful ingredients in energy drinks affect cognitive thinking as they may cause intoxication. 

It may cloud your judgment, and it becomes more likely for you to engage in some illicit or immoral behaviors. 

In case, you’re eating this for boosting focus and mental ability, you might disappoint yourself.


#9. May Cause Hypertension 

If you suffer from high blood pressure, the consumption of energy drinks may worsen the situation. 

When a normal person consumes these drinks, he or she may observe increased blood pressure after a while. 

So if you already have a condition of hypertension, then the intake of energy drinks may pose a poison for your health! 


#10. May Cause Acid Reflux

If you often suffer from gastritis reflux disease, or heartburn, consuming energy drinks may worsen the situation. 

It may cause acute nausea and increase the level of acid reflux in your stomach. 

Now you may have an idea of how harmful the consumption of energy drinks is! 



The consumption of energy drinks poses a threat to the normal and healthy functioning of the body. 

They contain harmful ingredients such as caffeine, ethanol, etc., which affects the mind and body. 

The side effects of drinking energy drinks may include an increase in heartbeats, intoxication, infertility, impairment of perception, acid reflux, and increased blood pressure. 

These negative effects of energy drinks may contribute to worsening your current health condition. 

So, whenever you feel the urge to try a new energy drink on the market, halt and read the ingredients. 

You may then not feel the same intensity about wanting to consume it. 

Trying a drink or two may not be as harmful as the regular consumption of such drinks. 

They act as a slow poison that may slowly deprive your body of all necessary nutrients.

If you need some instant energy, switch to healthy dietary habits and a balanced lifestyle. 

It will not only help you in an instant but will also have better effects on your body in the long run.

Crylon Folwer

Crylon Folwer is a dietician who campaigns the use of a customized diet plan and workout program in order to live the most healthy lifestyle. Crylon acquired her education from the University of Washington and started her career as a professional after realizing her passions in the healthcare industry. Her interests include evening walks, reading, and writing.

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