Top 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Pre-Workout Sickness [Quick Guide]

How To get rid Of Pre-Workout Anxiety

If you have ever pushed yourself to your extremes in your workout, you must be aware of the ill effects after that on your body.

Pre-workout sickness is real and there are several reasons behind it.

For instance, pre-workout supplements with caffeine can give rise to pre-workout anxiety.

Moreover, if you have ever experienced sudden dizziness before going to gym, or attending workout classes you’ve been excited to try for so long, there are chances you are experiencing pre-workout anxiety.

Hence, you need to tackle it for better performance.

But before you know how to get rid of pre-workout anxiety,

Understand The Root Cause Of Anxiety

Anxiety is your body’s natural way that signals a threat.

What triggers your brain to associate exercise with danger is the first step towards gaining control over your body.

But what’s the reason behind it?

Is could be due to  environment, the people, or the fear of performing better.

Whatever it may be, allow yourself to feel the emotions and breathe for a longer duration.

Once you trigger the reason, try to come up with the best solution according to your state of mind.

Now moving on, let’s see how to get rid of pre-workout anxiety.

How To Get Rid Of Pre-Workout Anxiety?

Here are some solutions to get rid of pre-workout sickness.

#1. Exercise With A Personal Trainer At Home

Performance may be the one main reason for having pre-workout anxiety.

The fear of your performance, or feeling inadequate, or the fear of being judged by the people around you may be one of the reasons.

Using a personal trainer with all the comfort of your own home will allow you to have a productive workout session.

It helps you to do workouts also for a longer period and without losing your concentration power.

Be picky to choose the right personal trainer, who will help you to achieve your fitness goals.

#2. Start Slowly

The anxious feeling can also be the reason for feeling overwhelmed by the goals we set for ourselves.

This is why you should start your goal setting small at the starting. Achievable goals will help you to get the desired body.

Start slowly with setting small goals and then build them up over time, once you feel more confident and energetic in your physical abilities.

#3. Pre-workout without Caffeine

If you are suffering from sudden anxiety or panic disorder, make sure to avoid caffeine.

It becomes vital to avoid caffeine before any intense physical activities especially if you are dealing with pre-workout sickness.

Caffeine is a good supplement to increase metabolism and muscle mass but it also increases the risk of heart rate.

Caffeine releases the adrenaline in your body.

Instead of caffeine, you can take water with some lemon that gives you the extra boost of energy, without the unwanted anxiety or fear.

#4. Pick A Physical Activity You Enjoy

Choosing a physical activity is the easiest way to lower the annoying moments of fear or nervousness.

You have endless options to choose from.

Moreover, physical activities also includes dance, yoga, or fun kangaroo jump class.

Choose the options according to your choice and comfort.

This will surely help you to enjoy the fun and go sweat the anxiety away.

#5. Shift Your Mindset

Fear or nervousness arises from not knowing the outcome of an event.

Are you going to achieve your target splits?

Is the workout going to be easy or do those sessions become hard for you?

If you know the answers very well, you should stop worrying about them.

To combat with all these questions, shift your mindset to those aspects that are in your control.

It is very important to focus on the purpose and effort to achieve the desired outcome.

Your focused mindset will be the one reason to avoid a pre-workout anxiety attack.


Fear or nervousness is very common to everyone.

There always comes a moment when people get nervous all of a sudden.

You should think positively and bring your focus back to avoid pre-workout anxiety attacks.

Breathe deep and allow your mind to develop a mantra that will help you to overcome the fear.

This will help you to become more confident and help realign your thinking with the true value of the workout.

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By Mike Harris

Mike Harris is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and owner of the Sweat Guy. He is also award-winning health, wellness, and nutrition writer based in the USA. Armed with many training certifications and an exercise science teaching degree, Mike has been working for over 6 years now, helping others achieve optimum health.

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