[Top 7] Ways to Get Rid of a Stiff Neck Overnight

How to get rid of a stiff neck

How to get rid of a stiff neck?

A stiff neck occurs when the muscle around the joint neck gets weak over time. It becomes difficult to turn the head smoothly to the side.

It happens due to the bad posture or displacing of joints that causes instant pain. The pain can be a headache, shoulder pain, arm pain, or neck pain.

However, it feels difficult to look on sideways with a stiff neck, so the individual has to turn his/her whole body.

This blog is all about how to cure neck pain fast, you need not worry about it.

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In most cases, the pain and stiffness go away within a week. But in some cases, it takes too much time to recover, even there is the chance that it will return.

The pain is unbearable sometimes, people just want to get rid of it. So, we will know the ways through which you will get rid of a stiff neck overnight…

How Do You Get Rid of a Stiff Neck Overnight?

Stiffness in the neck may heal over time. But there are also some treatments through which individuals can get relief from stiff neck overnight. These treatments of stiff neck reduce pain and heal faster.

Following are the 7 ways to heal neck pain:

#1: Avoid Doing Painful Activities

Try not to do such activities which worsen your pain. Working on a laptop or using a smartphone can increase the pain.

Additionally, lifting heavy weights or driving can also worsen the condition.

You should rest properly and give some time to the injured tissues to heal.

Avoid these activities while having a stiff neck, this will help you to recover from this situation faster.

#2: Hot or Cold Therapy

Hot therapy and cold therapy, both are beneficial for a stiff neck. It gives you relief from the pain and eases your condition.

Applying an ice bag to the neck area for at least 20 minutes limits the swelling and reduces the pain also.

While applying a hot water bag or a heating pad loosens the muscles and brings them into relaxation mode.

#3: Neck Exercises

As we know, stretching muscles in a proper way can give relief. So, you can perform some of these exercise for a fast recovery from the strain, as it eases the stiffness.

Try these steps at least 10 times once you get in a relaxed position:

  • Try to squeeze both your shoulder blades firmly.
  • Try to make contact between your ear and your shoulder gently.
  • Try to roll your both shoulders backward.
  • Try to push your head backward and relax yourself

Do not get hard on yourself while performing these steps, do as your body commands. You can learn these stretches with the help of a therapist.

#4: Use a Soft Pillow

During sleep, use a firm pillow and mattress which comforts your stiffed neck. With its help, there will be no disruption in your sleep.

You can also go for a special neck pillow; it will be more helpful than a usual pillow. It comforts your injured neck and prevents pain as well.

#5: Take OTC Medicines

You can take anti-inflammatory medicines which treat the stiff and sore neck. Doctors generally recommend Ibuprofen and Naproxen in this situation.

But medicines have their side effects. So, before taking any medicine consult a doctor or pharmacist first.

#6: Use a Collar

While having a stiff neck, a health professional always suggests using a neck collar. It helps in supporting your head so the muscles of your neck heal faster.

You can use a soft neck collar for better help in relieving your neck pain. This will also help in quick healing.

However, you must avoid using this kind of collar for a long time. Otherwise, it will make your neck muscles weaker.

#7: Try Soft Massaging

You can also try some light massage on the painful areas. Do not massage on your own, have a partner for this.

Command them to put less or more pressure on those areas according to your relief. It will be much better if you can hire a massage therapist, they know how to do it exactly.

So, people, these are the methods through which you can get rid of a stiff neck. All information is summed up…


Sometimes, you have noticed when you woke up with neck pain and can’t turn head. But it can also develop later in the day when you do some arduous activity.

It means to say when you do some kind of difficult activity like carrying heavy luggage; that can be the reason for the stiff neck.

Due to working on electronic devices all day long, driving vehicles for a long period, using smartphones too much or many ore activities cause a stiff neck.

So, try to avoid doing such activities and rest properly. Try to be mindful of your sleep position; never sleep on your stomach. Otherwise, it will tilt your head and injure your neck area.

As we discussed above, all these techniques will be definitely helpful if you will perform them in a manner and with the right mechanism.

Take care of your neck and if the stiffness is getting serious day by day, you can visit a medical specialist also.

Hope the information helps!

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