[Top 10] Natural Ways to Get Rid of Red Eyes Quickly

How can I get rid of red eyes naturally

How can I get rid of red eyes naturally?

There are many reasons that make your eyes look reddish in color. But, if this happens sometimes without causing pain, then it is not a serious cause.

But, if it happens regularly with pain then, your eyes need some proper care.

However, you might be wondering about how to take care of your eyes? If you want your red eyes to get back to their natural state, then proper sleep, allergy medication can help you out.

Generally, red eyes happen due to crying, lack of sleep, sun damage, and there could be many reasons.

So, how to get rid of red eyes?

Here we have discussed the ways how to get rid of red eyes naturally fast.

So without further delay, let’s know the ways to get rid of red eyes.

Ways to Get Rid of Red Eyes

There are various methods available to treat red eyes. Over time, people often prefer visiting a doctor to treat red eyes first.

But now the time has changed. You can get rid of red eyes naturally at home.

So, you might be stuck with the question, how to get rid of red eyes naturally fast at home?

Below are some ways you can follow to get rid of red eyes easily and instantly:

#1: Take Proper Sleep

Lack of sleep makes your eyes feel tired. It makes your eyes look heavier.

It reduces the oxygen that is available for the eyes, this causes blood vessels to dilate and give your eyes a reddish appearance.

So, take proper sleep so that your eyes take proper rest.

#2: Wash Your Eyes at Regular Interval

Washing your eyes at regular interval helps to remove dust particles (if any) entering your eyes and this cause your eyes to give a red hot appearance.

It makes your eyes feel cool and relaxed. Thus, helps your eyes to return to their natural state.

#3: Avoid Eye Makeup

Girls love to do a lot of makeup. Even they do eyes makeup to give their eyes a beautiful look.

But, they forget that it may cause harm to their eyes. Some makeup products may contain a harmful ingredient that can make their eyes appear red with pain.

Try not to use any heavy makeup product on your face and eyes to get rid of red eyes.

However, you can look for hypoallergenic makeup as it won’t harm your eyes.

#4: Apply a Cold Compress

Can you get rid of red eyes quick? Is this possible? Yes, certainly it can.

Applying cold temperatures to your eyes makes them feel relaxed. It helps to reduce inflammation and redness instantly.

You can use a cool washcloth or even cucumber slices to make your eyeballs feel better.

#5: Teabags

Green tea and chamomile can be helpful to soothe red eyes. They have anti-inflammatory properties that have abilities to lower inflammation or swelling in the eyes.

#6: Use of Honey and Milk

Honey and milk have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that boost the healing process.

In the case of red eyes, it helps to soothe the redness of your eyes and bring them back to their normal state.

#7: Castor Oil

Castor oil is not only good for healthy growth. It has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

But, are you are thinking about how to clear red eyes with castor oil? How it helps to reduce red-eye inflammation.

Pouring a few drops of castor oil into the eyes can lubricate the eyes and help to reduce inflammation.

#8: Aloe Vera

It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to get rid of red eyes. It helps to soothe irritated eyes.

#9: Rosewater

Rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce irritation and redness of the eyes. It gives a relaxing effect on the eyes.

#10: Drink More Water

Keeping yourself hydrated with water is one of the best remedies for the redness of the eyes. If your eyes look red due to dehydration, you must increase your water intake.

These are the simple home remedies that help you to reduce your red eyes issues instantly.

However, if you have tried home remedies and the condition is not improving, then you must consult with a doctor as it could be an infection.

The Bottom Line

Red Eyes are generally not a serious problem, as long as they don’t often and don’t last long. With proper home remedies, they can easily get back to their normal state.

We have discussed above some of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce red eyes.

Hopefully, our article about how to get rid of red eyes might help you out to vanish the redness of your eyes.

These remedies will make your eyes feel cool and relaxed. However, if you don’t see any result after using home remedies then there’s a need for a medical checkup.

So, consult eye care specialists as there might be chances of serious eye infections.


By Marcus Elburn

Marcus Elburn has been a healthcare professional for over a decade. With an educational background in Therapeutics, Drug Development, and Human Toxicology, his research interests include integrative medicine, cardiovascular fitness, and metabolic health and its relation to weight loss. He is very much into fitness and enjoys cycling and running. When not working, he takes time out to write journals or binge-watch classic shows.

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