How Boron Boost Testosterone Level – Does it Really Work?

How Boron Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the vital hormones present in a male body. It plays a vital role in our body and contributes to the overall development of the body.

To increase testosterone levels, you’ll not only need to go to the gym regularly but also have to keep a healthy diet.

By providing your body with all essential vitamins and minerals you are creating conditions for optimal hormone development which helps to increase the overall growth of your body.

There are some nutrients that you can get from your diet alone and some of them need supplementation to reach the desired amount.

Boron is one of them, it became more popular among those people who wants to get more muscle and enhance their athleticism.

In this blog, we will discuss how boron helps to improve health by increasing testosterone levels in the body.

Is Boron Good For Testosterone?


To ask this question first we have to know how boron and testosterone work.

Boron is an essential mineral that helps to boost free testosterone levels in your body and block excess estrogen.

As we know male body consists of both testosterone and estrogen in the body. Our body needs a balance of these hormones to function properly and boron is the key to maintaining these hormones properly.

Boron is also essential for your body for absorbing more magnesium. Both boron and magnesium will together assist different functions inside your body.

On the other hand, testosterone also performs a vital role in the body. It helps in increasing HGH hormones, causing protein synthesis for better muscle growth, and also enhances the fat loss process in the body.

Moving on to the next section and learning How Boron Boost Testosterone.

Does Boron Increase Free Testosterone Levels?

As we already mentioned above boron can boost testosterone levels in the body. There are some proven studies that claim that boron does boost testosterone levels in a body by 29.5%.

In a study, 10 mg of boron was given to a healthy male participant ( aged 18-29 ) every day for 1 week. In his blood test, it is found that free testosterone levels increased up to 29.5%.

Another study, 13 participants who had been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency, after being given 6 mg of boron for 60 days regained their desired Vitamin D levels and also increases their DHEA levels by 56%.

Now we know that boron does help to boost free testosterone levels in the body but there is the question how much boron per day is good for testosterone. Let’s see the answers in the next section.

How Much Boron is Good For Testosterone?

This question is still unanswer. However, because of the numerous studies ran on this mineral, some scientists suggest that 3-10 mg of boron a day may be good for the body depending on your personal goals.

This 10mg of dosage is more than enough to achieve your personal goal. But, you have to be always aware of that, in the desire for more gains you can’t keep supplementing yourself with boron in the long run.

It is not made for long-term use. You should only use it for 2 weeks with a 1-week break between them, this is because you don’t want to have to lose its effectiveness.

If you talk about boron side effects, dosing yourself with more than 20mg a day can cause a person male fertility problems. Irritability, weakness, headaches, and vomiting are also some of the symptoms.

Moving on to the next section where you can get boron for testosterone.

Where You Get Boron to Boost Testosterone?

Either you can take boron naturally or you can take boron supplements. There are some boron-rich foods that can help you to raise your boron levels.

Walnuts, almonds, beans, broccoli, chickpeas, avocados, raisins, and bananas are some of the best natural sources to take boron. Simply add them to your diet and see the difference.

If we talk about the Boron supplements then TestoGen is perfect for the testosterone booster. It uses boron in its formula to stop SHBG from binding with testosterone and ensure you have plenty of free testosterone in your body.

Stepping ahead to the conclusion part of this blog.


Boron is a very important mineral for our body to control testosterone levels.

It will help you to achieve optimal testosterone levels for muscle growth and enable you to achieve your goals naturally.

It is totally safe to fill yourself up with 10mg of boron a day. If you go overboard and increase your dosage to more than 20mg then you can have adverse side effects like vomiting, headaches, weakness, etc.

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