Facing Heart Palpitations: Here’s What All You Need To Do

heart palpitations

Read on to know about what all comes with a heart ailment that’s commonly known as heart palpitations.

The heart is stuffed with a lot of roles and responsibilities. Hence, is placed as one of the most important organs of the body.

However, sometimes people often feel some fearsome sensations in their hearts.

The reason may be their heart palpitations.

Heart palpitations are a kind of terrifying dilemma when you feel like your heart is knocking on your chest.

In other words, it can also be said that your heart is beating faster than its average heartbeat ratio.

Although heart palpitations are not very fatal in most cases, they often go out on their own.

However, sometimes it may lead to some serious consequences and may cause crucial heart disease.

Moreover, heart palpitations are very disquieting.

Therefore, this article is appropriately based on “heart palpitations”, and foods to avoid if you have heart palpitations.

For solving any problem, we need to know the origin.

So let’s begin this article with, what causes heart palpitations?

What Can Cause Heart Palpitation?

Although, there are various causes of palpitations of the heart. They are maybe related to maybe or maybe not.

A handful of them are listed below:

  • Sometimes it may be related to your emotions, or it may be your subjective response.
  • Perhaps, a drop in sugar level or potassium.
  • Also sometimes hormonal change also causes heartthrobs. But during menopause, it’s quite uncommon.
  • A low level of oxygen or carbon dioxide can also be the cause.
  • Moreover, after heavy exercise or during pregnancy, heart palpitations are more likely to happen.
  • In addition, some health consequences like fever or anemia, often cause heart throbbing.

If you feel heart vibration after consuming some aspect of food, then that specific food or beverage may be the reason.

Those who are prone to this disease must avoid food that makes their hearts hammer.

Now let’s move towards foods to avoid if you have heart palpitations.

Which Food to Avoid If You Have Heart Palpitations?

Most probably it’s recommended to avoid all the food that makes your heart feel discomfort.

I’m sharing with you some of the foods to avoid if you have heart palpitations.

  • Foods and Drinks, Having Caffeine

Caffeine increases the heartbeat after passing into the body. Therefore, avoid consumption of a diet that contains caffeine like coffee, tea caffeinated chocolate, soda, or energy drinks.

  • Sugar

Avoid sugar and sugary drinks if you feel anxiety or discomfort in your heart.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol can trigger your heart to palpitate, so it’s advisable to avoid consuming alcohol.

  • Tyramine Rich Food

Tyramine is an enemy for those who, are very likely to get heart issues. Therefore, food containing Tyramine should be ignored such as cheese,  red vine, banana, and chocolate.

  • Theobromine-Rich Food

Theobromine-rich food like dark chocolate must be avoided to be free from heart racing.

In addition, some dietary supplements must be ignored, as they can increase your chances of getting distressed. They are Ephedra, Ginseng, Bitter orange, Valerian, and Hawthorn.

Further, people are often in confusion that, can garlic cause heart palpitations?

Precisely the answer is, ‘ yah’. Although, garlic, is loaded with several health benefits.

But like every other component, garlic too has some consequences that may serve harmful effects on some heard of people.

One of the side effects is related to the heart itself.

Garlic may show harmful effects on those facing this heart ailment.

So, it’s better to ignore having garlic in your food if you are a victim of heart distress.

Likewise, to avoid this heart ailment you can do some of the things.

How to Deal With Heart Palpitations?

Since heart palpitations are not very dangerous. So, you can manage yourself on your own.

All you need is to learn the way to cope with it. So, here it is,

  • As stress is one of the reasons for discomfort, you must do something for stress relief like meditation and yoga.
  • You can sprinkle freshwater on freshwater take a shower to give yourself relief.
  • Chanting “om” could deeply give you satisfaction.
  • Drink plenty of water and prevent yourself from dehydration.
  • Also, avoid the food that causes it.

If you are not getting relief even after trying the above tips. You must have to meet with the doctor.

Now, let’s proceed towards the bottom line.


After examining all the facts about heart palpitations. And going through the several experiences shared by people.

We come to the point that, nowadays it has now become a mass issue.

Moreover, it can be controlled up to some extent. But if you are not getting any relaxation, you must visit your doctor.


By Allen Hicks

Hey Friends, My name is Allen Hicks and I am a health and fitness nutritionist. My passion is to encourage and motivate people to find their best selves through the principles of healthy nutrition, mental well-being and dynamic physical exertion.

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