[4] Food Habits to Relieve Anxiety Related to Skipping Meals

Can skipping meals cause anxiety

Can skipping meals cause anxiety? 

There are a few more such questions we’re going to find answers of, in this blog.

Well, you must be aware of the fact that your nutrition and mental health is somewhere interlinked with each other.

What you eat in a day can have a significant impact on your overall well-being. 

Although the real question is can skipping meals cause depression?

Well, research has shown that skipping meals can elevate your anxiety level and might even cause it. Skipping meals and depression are more closely related than you think.

Another research done on the same suggested that a balanced diet can even improve your mental as well as physical health. 

Mentioned below are some of the mental health issues you can face if you skip your meals:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Depression
  3. Bipolar Disorder
  4. Dysthymia 

So, if you are skipping your meals, you are more prone to facing symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Now that you are aware of how does hunger cause stress, let’s have a look at the other food habits that might worsen your anxiety.

Food Habits to Relieve Anxiety

Well, those who are curious to know can skipping breakfast cause anxiety, must know that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. Moreover, skipping it can worsen your anxiety. 

You might not realize that some food habits can aggravate your anxiety and even worsen it.

You can improve the condition by Food Habits to Relieve Anxiety Related to Skipping Meals.

Let’s have a look at some of the tips that you should be aware of in order to deal with your anxiety. 

#1. Don’t Get Addicted to Coffee

Despite the fact that coffee is a great source to get an instant boost of energy, it might not be good for your anxiety. 

 The constant intake of coffee can show a negative effect on your brain. With that being said, it suppresses the level of serotonin which leads you to feel less relaxed and calmed. 

Coffee Is basically a stimulant that helps you in keeping awake so you might crave it every now and then. Although, lesser consumption of coffee can help you stay positive and calm throughout the day. 

Well,  feeling anxiety on an empty stomach is one of the most common issues faced by individuals which you can get rid of by avoiding coffee.

#2. Say No to Alcohol 

Most people don’t even bother to realize the downside of alcohol before getting addicted to it. it’s a complete misconception that alcohol consumption releases anxiety. 

Although, it might provide momentary satisfaction while making you feel good as long as you are enjoying it. If we talk about the long-term effects of alcohol, can be dodgy for your mental health. 

Alcohol tends to alleviate those hormones which are responsible to lift your mood and make you feel good. If you are wishing to get rid of your constant anxious thoughts, you must limit your alcohol consumption.

#3. Avoid the Intake of Sugar 

We know that is quite complex to eliminate sugar from your life. However, you can always avoid it to a certain level.

You might get concerned about the efficacy of sugar since the body utilizes sugar in the form of glucose for the energy source. Well, a certain amount of sugar intake is always beneficial for you. 

Although, more than required sugar can trigger the cortisol hormone and make It emerge out in your body. That way, you get more likely to feel stressed and have anxious thoughts all the time. 

You must restrict your sugar intake to 10 teaspoons in a day to lead a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. 

#4. Stay Away from Processed Foods

Well, processed foods can increase the severity of the anxiety that you are already facing. As per several studies, it is revealed that those who relied on processed foods, tend to have 57% more chances of being depressed and anxious. 

Try eating more whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts on the regular basis. These foods can not only meet the nutrient requirements of your body but also ease your mental state. 

So, this was all about the healthy eating habits that can help you deal with your anxiety. 

The Bottom Line

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean having a well-ripped body. Rather, it also indicates having good mental health. 

Until now, you must have understood how Can skipping meals cause anxiety!

Moreover, in this blog, we shared some of the healthy eating habits that can help you tackle anxiety and depression. 

Hope you got what you were looking for. 

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By Mike Harris

Mike Harris is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and owner of the Sweat Guy. He is also award-winning health, wellness, and nutrition writer based in the USA. Armed with many training certifications and an exercise science teaching degree, Mike has been working for over 6 years now, helping others achieve optimum health.

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