Creatine Supplement and Its Benefits [Myths Debunked]

benefits of creatine

Are the benefits of creatine worth the hype?

If you are an athlete or into muscle building, you must have heard about the benefits of creatine supplements from your gym friends.

So, where did this word come from?

Carotene is a natural supplement that is produced naturally in your liver, kidney, and pancreas.

Additionally, many athletes use creatine supplements to boost their energy and performance.

It is not only the world’s most effective health supplement but is also safe to use.


What Does Creatine Do?

benefits of creatine for athletes

Creatine produces the ATP cells in your body, and we know that ATP is the main source of energy.


More creatine=More ATP=More Energy

Creatine improves the overall performance of your body. If you are a non-vegetarian, you naturally get creatine from chicken, fish, and meat.

Thus this clears out what is creatine.

Moving on, now let’s see what the hype is all about and find out the benefits of creatine consumption.

Benefits of Creatine 

Creatine is a popular health supplement among both professional and amateur athletes.

It is commonly used by male athletes and the benefits of creatine for men basically include a quick burst of energy, increased strength, and performance.

But this is not it.

There are many other benefits of creatine for athletes.

Some of the benefits of creatine are:

#1. Increases Strength

As I told you that when you take creatine it increases ATP which automatically increases the energy. When you have an increase in energy for sure strength will increase automatically.

Additionally, creatine produces more ATP energy and helps fuel your muscles during high-intensity exercises.

#2. Increase in Lean Muscle Mass

How does the lean muscle mass increase?

Let me tell you.

Creatine holds an excess amount of water in your muscles from which your muscle volume gets bigger.

Now this was the short-term gain, right?

Workout enthusiasts know better.

But when you take it for a longer period it increases your strength. As a result, you can perform better at the gym and increase muscle mass.

#3. Better Brain Functioning

Creatine increases phosphocreatine in your brain the lack of which results in neurological issues. ATP plays an important role in your brain functioning.

When you take creatine, it improves ATP which results in better brain functioning.

Like clarity of thoughts and mental focus. It is also helpful in treating diseases like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and brain injuries.

#4. Regulates Blood Sugar

Your blood sugar is controlled by creatine, which means taking creatine improves blood sugar. If you are a diabetic patient, it will help you by maintaining your blood sugar.

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After knowing some benefits, let me tell you which is the best form of creatine?

The market is full of fancy creatine, but we have to know which creatine is best for your body. Because everybody differs in the terms of hormones.

Fancy creatine includes micronized creatine, creatine ethyl ester, creatine monohydrate, Creatine nitrate, Buffered creatine, and creatine HCL.

But Creatine monohydrate is the best form to use because it absorbs 99% of your body. Compared to other creatine it is cheaper and also easily available in the market.

Adding to this, you can reap maximum benefits of creatine monohydrate only when you know how much and when to take creatine.

How Much and When to Take Creatine?

Like any other supplement, the best way to get the benefits of creatine is to stick to the right dosage.

Now you want to know when and in what quantity you should use creatine. It has two ways:

#1. Loading

#2. No loading

In loading, you have to consume 20g of creatine for 6 days and then maintain 3g-5g per day. Whereas in no loading you don’t have to take 20-20 g initially. From day 1 you can take 3-5g creatine daily right from the start.

You will be benefited from both the ways I mentioned above, but I would suggest that go the loading way. That means you can consume 3-5g of creatine in a day for the rest of your life.

Now When to Consume Creatine? 

So, I have told you two ways to choose.

If you go for a loading way then divide the doses 3-4 times during the day. If you are going with no loading way then you can use creatine post-workout for better results.

Although creatine is naturally available in your body, and you can even consume it via foods, there is absolutely no harm in taking supplements for it.

Creatine supplements are available under numerous health supplement brands.

Generally, every popular supplement has myths hence, creatine also has some.

Creatine Myths Debunked

Numerous creatine myths have exaggerated the harshness of the supplement and caused uncertainty about its usage among the new users.

#1. Creatine Cycle

People say that consume creatine for two weeks and then stop for the next one week. This is not true; creatine is all-natural. Which you can consume for the rest of your life.

#2. Kidney Issues

A lot of people say that by using creatine there will be kidney issues. You can search there are no proven studies in support of it. This is a myth that creatine is the reason for your kidney issues.

However, if you are already dealing with kidney issues, it’s better to consult your doctor.

#3. Loss of Muscles

You might have heard that when you stop consuming creatine there will be a loss of muscle. Which is not true.

The fact is that the day you stop taking creatine, after 6 weeks the ATP starts to come to a normal level. Which was increased due to the consumption of creatine.

So, there is neither gain nor loss. This might reduce your strength but not the muscles.

Search for scientific proof, and go for the best creatine. Natural Creatine is good for muscle growth.


If you are an athlete or a bodybuilder loon king to build muscles and strength, you can safely rely on creatine supplements.

The common benefits of creatine leave you with better energy, strength, mood, and muscle mass.

All you have to do is find the effective creatine brand and take it according to the recommended dosage.

Hope this information helps you. If you liked the blog, share your views in the comment section.

By Crylon Folwer

Crylon Folwer is a dietician who campaigns the use of a customized diet plan and workout program in order to live the most healthy lifestyle. Crylon acquired her education from the University of Washington and started her career as a professional after realizing her passions in the healthcare industry. Her interests include evening walks, reading, and writing.

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