Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks | Causes & Home Remedies

stretch marks

Stretch marks do not discriminate between men and women. Both can get it due to different reasons.

However, it differs a little in appearance, ‘types’ to speak more specifically. Moreover, stretch marks in women are primarily caused due to pregnancy. On the contrary, in men, bodybuilders are the most prone to these marks.

So, what actually are they? How do they appear?

Stretch marks are the thin lines of either red, white or grey colors on skin that subsequently becomes smooth.

It mostly occurs on

  • Stomach
  • Breasts
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Arms

While they’re harmless as far as the biological and physiological factors of your body are concerned.

They are not desirable and sometimes can depress a person mentally because of their (stretch marks) appearances.

So, can you get rid of stretch marks?

Well, here’s the thing. The scientific study or other data do not back any proven treatment for stretch marks.

They cannot be completely treated. However, their visibility can be reduced if your body is hydrated. Also, how long does it take to get rid of stretch marks? Keep reading…

Say Good-Bye To Stretch Marks | Home Remedies

Yes, stretch marks cannot be treated completely. However, the good news is that they tend to fade over time.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they’ll fade on their own if left untreated. Rather, dermatologists suggest some proven home remedies to lighten the appearance of these stubborn lines. Hence, let’s learn how to get rid of stretch marks.

Here are a few of them…

#1: Argan Oil

Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Applying this oil before hitting the bed or a couple of horses before shower can do a lot to lighten the marks. Loaded with the goodness of vitamin E it imparts hydration to your skin, meanwhile fighting the free radicals.

#2: Lemon Juice

lemon juice

Conventionally known for its natural bleaching properties, lemon can be a great aid in lightening up the stretch marks. Apply a fresh lime juice or simply cut a fresh lemon and rub it over the affected region. Those with sensitive or dry skin should dilute it with honey.

#3: Potato Juice

potato juice

Yes, it’s all about extracting all the potent properties from all these kinds of sources.

Potatoes are one of ‘em. It’s starch and other skin lightening-texture boosting enzymes can be used as serum to lighten stretch marks. Hence, make sure to bottle it up and use it regularly.

#4: Olive Oil

olive oil

Known as the beauty oil, enlisting its benefits is more like talking how much you love your partner. Yes, it does a lot, especially when it comes to fade away the stretch marks.

Other causes of stretch marks could be a rapid weight gain, and a lot more.

#5: Aloe Vera

aloe vera

And how could we miss this. If olive oil is the beauty oil then aloe vera surely is the best natural beauty gel.

Infused with antibacterial, antibacterial, and other medicinal properties, aloe vera can significantly help in reducing those unwanted lines.

#6: Egg White

Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Protein repairs and rebuilds the broken tissues. Subsequently, it can also help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks by healing the skin cells internally. Moreover, it helps in tightening the skin.

These were some of the known and proven natural remedies to get rid of stretch marks. Now, moving forward, let’s discuss what causes these unwanted lines.

Causes Of Stretch Marks [It’s More Than Just Pregnancy]

Pregnancy being the most common cause doesn’t however make it the sole cause for stretch marks.

Stretch marks occur and develop when the dermal tissue of the skin is stretched exponentially, within a short time-span.

Now, getting back to the reason for its existence, let’s discuss a few of the causes.

#1: Weight gain or Bodybuilding

Your skin stretches suddenly if the weight transformation results are faster. This specially happens to those who train to get muscle mass. Hence, it’s advisable to go with a steady and gradual process if you wanna keep these marks at bay.

#2: Puberty

Teenagers either report loss or an exponential gain in their body weight, henceforth, causing stretch marks. In females, primarily over hips, thighs, knees, or breasts.

#3: Drugs & Medications

Drugs including corticosteroid creams, lotions and other pills used for specific dermal treatment may trigger stretch marks. Moreover, steroids used by those gym bulks can also cause stretch marks. 

#4: Genetics

Yes, you’re more prone to develop these lines if your parents have had them too.

Furthermore, certain underlying health conditions like Cushing’s syndrome, Ehlers Danlos, or Mrafan’s infection can make a patient vulnerable to developing stretch marks.

We discussed several ways on how to get rid of stretch marks.

Now, covering the same, we come to the end of this blog on how to reduce stretch marks home remedies. Hence, let’s recollect a few things we discussed in this blog.

Final Thoughts

Stretch marks- not only their causes differ but appearances too. Some are reddish, some white, and in some cases, even grey. Regardless of how they look, they aren’t desirable anyway.

However, following these remedies can aid at a greater extent in fading the scars out and not following the same can be your choice as well.

As soon as it doesn’t bother you, wear it with pride. Because you know you’re flaw some and beautiful!

By Allen Hicks

Hey Friends, My name is Allen Hicks and I am a health and fitness nutritionist. My passion is to encourage and motivate people to find their best selves through the principles of healthy nutrition, mental well-being and dynamic physical exertion.

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