How to Stop Snoring Immediately | [Top 6] Causes in Adults

Causes of snoring in adults

“What are the Causes of snoring in adults?”

Snoring is a type of noisy breathing which occurs while sleeping. It is a common condition that happens to everyone.

However, it occurs when the air flows through your throat, gets restricted.

Most people who snore are overweight or consume alcohol regularly. Loud snoring or snoring for a long time increases the risk of heart attack and other cardiac issues.

While some people start snoring immediately after falling asleep. This happens when you start to progress into a deep sleep.

During this, the soft palate present in the upper side of your mouth relaxes and starts to block the airway and make you snore.

If you want to know what causes snoring in females and males above age 50, you need to dig deeper into the topic.

First, let’s have a look at the Causes of snoring in adults

Causes of Snoring in Adults 

Here are some of the causes of snoring in men as well as women:

#1: Blockage of the Nasal Passage

Many people snore due to the common cold, or when they have any allergies, infection, or have sinus effects.

During a sinus infection, the wall that separates the two nostrils blocks the air passage, due to which people are likely to snore.

#2: Overweight

Most overweight or obsessed people are likely to have the problem of snoring. Being overweight can cause the enlargement of the tissues in your throat which will restrict air passage.

#3: Alcohol Consumption

Consuming too much alcohol before bedtime can make you snore. Taking too much alcohol can make your tongue and other throat tissues relax which leads to loud snoring throughout the night. Using other drugs and sedatives also leads to snoring

#4: Sleeping Issues

Snoring also occurs due to problems in sleep position. While sleeping on your back, your airway through your throat gets affected and makes you snore loudly.

Snoring can also cause due to not getting enough sleep.

#5: Mouth Anatomy

A long soft palate also called uvula is a tissue present in the back of your mouth. When this uvula gets thick and low, it will narrow the airway and which will make it harder for the air to flow.

This makes the tissue vibrate and bump on each other which blocks the airflow and makes you snore.

#6: Family History

Heredity is also one of the causes of snoring. If your parents or close blood relatives have a problem snoring, then you are more likely to snore.

Along with all these causes, there are some major risk factors that associates with snoring.

Let’s have a look at these risk factors…

Risk Factors of Snoring 

The main risk factors that contribute to snoring are:

  • Having nasal problems
  • Being overweight
  • Not having enough sleep
  • Getting the problem through heredity
  • Consuming alcohol or other drugs before going to bed.

If you want to know how to stop snoring immediately, you should follow the paragraph that is given below…

How to Stop Snoring?

To stop snoring immediately, you can also use oral appliances. A small plastic device is available in the market which helps you prevent snoring.

It keeps the airway open by moving your jaw and internal mouth.

If you are very annoyed by snoring and want to deal with it seriously, then you should go for surgery.

While surgery, your doctor shrinks your tissues which affects the airway or makes your soft palate stiff.

There are so many other ways to stop snoring immediately, but to know more about them, you should consult a doctor.

On that note, let’s sum up…


Through the blog, we concluded that snoring is a condition that is very common among people. There are various Causes of snoring in adults.

It becomes a problem when it gets too loud or occurs for a long time as it starts to annoy others around you.

While snoring, the airway through your throat gets blocked due to any reason. Some of the reasons are being overweight, having a common cold, having problems with a sinus infection, or other allergies. It is more common among men as compared to women.

You can treat this problem naturally as mentioned above, but if you want to know how to stop snoring naturally, you should change your lifestyle a bit.

It can be done by starting losing weight, taking enough sleep, or by stopping the consumption of alcohol or other drugs before bed.

Hope you find the blog informative…!

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