Best Brands For Solar Panels In Australia 2021

Best Brands For Solar Panels

Australia has emerged as one of the largest utilizer of solar energy. Every day more and more people are lining up to adopt solar energy.

As the market is expanding, more brands join the race. Everyone wants their product to be termed as the Best Quality Solar Panels In Australia.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss some of the best solar panel brands Australia has. But before that, we must get an idea about how we can choose the best.


Deciding Which Solar Panel Brand Is The Best

The Australian solar industry is getting inflated in size and value rapidly. The main reason behind this is the incentives provided by the Australian federal government.

Before installing a solar power set up, there are a lot of choices to make. One of them is choosing the best quality solar panel. And mate! It’s quite a tricky one.

So let’s help you in getting through the tough choice of selecting the best among all solar panel brands Australia has.

Some key factors to consider while Best Brands For Solar Panels comparison:

  • Background of the company: In terms of technical instrumentality, having information on the manufacturers’ history is important. It introduces the ethics of the corporate. It also additionally gets a sneak peek at the standard of its product.

Of course, each company claims to supply the foremost innovative technology. However, it would be evident by the amount of time they survived in the market.

  • The efficiency of the solar panels: Efficiency is always a great parameter while comparing any technical equipment. The efficiency in terms of solar panels is the amount of sunlight they can convert into electricity.

The higher the efficiency, the better would be the return on investment. ROI is a very important aspect of solar energy setup.

  • Warranty: Solar panels generally have a life span of almost 20-25 years. You must get quality service on your doorstep for this long period.

The process of claiming the warranty must be smooth and convenient. There should be minimum paperwork and faster service.

  • Performance: It’s a necessity for Best SolarPanels that it must be high in performance. A high-performing system provides enough energy for your house’s demand.

There are several tests that rate a solar panel. These tests determine how much the solar panel will degrade over the average life span of 25 years.

  • Manufacturers must be from Australia: It is a huge advantage if the manufacturer is from your own country.

This ensures better service quality and customer satisfaction. If the manufacturers are from Australia, they’d be aware of the quality requirements.

Now you’d ask, what are the best solar panels in Australia?

Just keep scrolling; you will get your answer.

For the world’s most top rated solar panels Australia is home. Some of them are listed below.


#1. Jinko Solar Panels

The Company was founded in 2006, and the manufacturing of Jinko Solar Panels started in 2008. In the last few years, the company has gained great value in the market.

Jinko Solar Panels focuses a lot on improving the technology. It invests so much in research. It is always looking for ways to improve efficiency.

The company offers the best warranty period and impeccable customer support. Jinko Solar Panels Reviews shows 100/ 100 score for sustainability.

USP of Jinko Solar Panels:

  • Can withstand and sustain high performances in extreme climates.
  • Offers warranty up to 10 years.
  • Can survive wind load up to 2400pa and snow load up to 5400pa.
  • Best glass technology to ensure optimum power output.
  • Best-in-class prices.


#2. Risen Solar Panels

Risen Solar Panels are the largest Chinese manufactured products in the class. The system offers extensive performance and efficiency.

The brand was introduced in Australia in 2008. It produces residential and commercial solar panels and also operates for utility-scale solar projects.

Risen Solar Panels comes with 12 yr. product warranty and 25 yr. performance warranty. Its budget range is the main reason behind its popularity.

USP of Risen Solar Panels:

  • Product warranty of 12 years.
  • Performance warranty of 25 years.
  • Established in Australia.
  • Best performance in the price range.


#3. Trina Solar Panels

This brand is leading the solar manufacturing industry with its remarkable innovations. It is a member of tier-1 solar manufacturers.

Trina Solar Panels delivers impressive power with the help of its cutting-edge working mechanism. Thus, it has always been among the top choices across Australia.

These panels have an efficiency of 19.9%. It comes up with a warranty period of more than 10 years.

USP of Trina Solar Panels:

  • Powerful all-around performance.
  • Steer through extreme weather.
  • Very low-priced as per its specifications.

But the question is: how can you tell which of the top companies’ Solar Panels models is most cost-effective and offers the best quality?

The Top Solar team has combed through the precise technical specifications for every panel manufactured by the most popular companies in this market.

So to get such best local installers and Best Quality Of Solar Panels at your nearby just book a quote with us!

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